The teacher team

We know that the success very much depends on the teachers in the class, where intuition, involvement and creativity play major roles. We have carefully chosen all of our instructors according to their academic and linguistic capabilities as well as how they interact with the students.

The competence and experience of our German teachers is of particular importance: teaching qualifications are important, as is extensive experience teaching German as a foreign language at renowned schools and institutions.

Teacher team The close co-operation and teamwork between our teachers and their extensive knowledge mean that they know exactly which material should be used on which day of the course. Team Teaching offers the positive benefit of communication between our teachers regarding teaching approaches and the most effective ways to address a variety of language problems. Team Teaching offers the best strategy for personalising our offer and tailoring our teaching as much as possible to the individual needs of our students.

To help us to improve, you will receive a feedback sheet at the end of your course which gives you the opportunity to make comments about your course and to evaluate your teachers.