German certificates & tests

All courses at the school, whether group or individual, are designed to prepare you for official exams. We are official test centre for all basic exams for the CEF levels. This means that you can take both the written and oral components of the tests here in the school.

Here at the school you will find all the assistance you need to register for the Intermediate examination (ZMP), German test the German University entrance exams (DSH/TestDaF), the Advanced level examination (ZOP), and the Minor/Major German Language Diploma (KDS/GDS). But, that's not all! Why not prepare for the Goethe Certificate B2 and C1 with one of our four-week Standard Exam Preparation courses with 20 hours of tuition per week? Last Year, over 250 of our students took exams, and 90% passed successfully. Well done!

Here is an overview of important German certificates:

Certificate German - ZD

The Zertifikat Deutsch corresponds to the Common European Framework level B1. To reach this level you should have had between 350 and 600 hours of tuition. In concrete terms this means that you have mastered the language needed for visiting a German-speaking country or for dealing with situations in your own country where German may be required.

Business German Certificate - ZDfB

The Business German Certificate augments the German Certificate. We normally recommend an additional 150 hours of tuition after the ZD. The main difference between this exam and the ZD is the much wider, more specialised vocabulary you need to take on board. You will probably need between 600 and 750 hours of tuition, 100 of which should be related specifically to the world of work. Due to its focus on the workplace, this qualification is highly regarded in the fields of trade and commerce.

German as a Foreign Language Exam - TestDaF

TestDaF is offered as an alternative to the German university entrance exam. The test comprises a listening comprehension section, a reading comprehension section, a writing section, and an oral test. There is no limit to how many times you can re-take the TestDAF, and it takes place four or five times per year. Every participant receives a personalised certificate and gets separate marks for each of the four sections, which gives a more detailed picture of your language skills. The marking scheme has three levels: TDN 3, TDN 4, and TDN 5.

German University Entrance Exam - DSH

In order to take a place at a German university or college, you normally need to successfully pass the DSH exam. The exam has both written and oral components. The written component covers listening and reading comprehension, writing skills, and the understanding and production of specialist texts. The exam tasks are set by the individual universities within a standard, national framework. You can only sit the exams at the college or university, and they normally take place a few weeks before the start of the semester. The pass grade is reached when you have successfully completed at least two-thirds of the exam tasks. The exam is pass/fail, so there are no grades.