FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Will I receive a certificate?

As long as you attend more than 80% of your lessons, you will receive a certificate at the end of your course giving details of your German language level, the total number of lessons you attended and a comment on your progress and development.

Can students go on organised excursions?

IH Berllin offers a rich and varied culture and activities programme with organised activities at least three times per week. Monday is Film Club where you can see some of the best films Germany has to offer, Tuesday evening is Stammtisch (a social evening in a local bar, accompanied by a teacher), and on Wednesday afternoon there is always an excursion within the city. On Saturdays we offer our students the chance to explore further afield with a half- or full-day excursion.

Can I work in Berlin while I'm enrolled on one of your courses?

For students from EU countries it is often possible to find a job in Berlin. For students from outside the EU, things can be a bit more difficult, particularly as work permits are strictly regulated. We are a language school, not an employment agency, so for more information you should probably contact your local German consulate.

Where and how do I get a visa?

If you’re from a country which requires a visa to travel to Germany, you will normally have to send us your completed course registration form together with the address of your local German consulate and a statement detailing the reason for your visa application, for example, because you want to learn the German language, to attend a German university or to visit as a tourist.

We will then send you confirmation of your booking along with our invoice. Once we have received your payment, we will send a letter and your course confirmation to your local consulate. We will also send you a copy of this letter.

One or two weeks later you should contact the consulate for your visa application. In some countries a visa application takes longer than in others, in some cases as long as eight to twelve weeks. In some countries it is much faster, only three to five days. If your visa application is unsuccessful, please fax us the official notification you get from the consulate, along with your bank details, and we will return your course fees and accommodation costs minus our €150 administration fee.

What types of accommodation does the school offer?

All of our students are accommodated in private guest rooms. If you book your accommodation through the school, you will stay with German hosts and up to one other student from the school. We really believe that it is important for you get as much practice with the German you learn at the school as you can, which is why we don't place our students together in halls of residence where they are more likely to use their native languages. We want to do everything we can to support and encourage your interest in the German language!

Can I book a course without booking accommodation?

Yes. As you can see in our price lists, there are separate rates for courses and accommodation. Some of our students are already living in Berlin and have their own accommodation arranged. If you have friends or family in Berlin and you want to stay with them, all the better, as they will probably have some tips and sugestions to help you to find out all about the city and its people.