German courses and course profiles

Whether four or forty hours of tuition per week, in the following overview you can find the perfect German course for you - to meet your expectations and suit your tempo. Beginners can start on the first Monday of the month. If you already have previously knowledge of German, you can start on every Monday. By participating in almost any of the German course, you will be eligible for a student visa.

Our course profiles:

  • Small groups with only 5 - 10 participants
  • Mini groups with 3 - 5 participants
  • Individual tuition


20 lesson hours / 5 days a week - In the STANDARD German course, you will learn in a small group from 10:00 to 13:15. In the summer months we also offer the course in the afternoon from 14:00 to 17:15. After every two lesson hours, there is a break for 15 minutes, which gives you the chance to use your new communication skill with the participants in the other courses.


30 lesson hours / 5 days a week - In the STANDARD PLUS German course, you will learn in a small group from 10:00 to 13:15. After a 45 minutes lunch break, you have two extra lesson hours in a mini group. These take place on every Wednesday from 14:00 to 15:30. By working on projects, you will be able to improve you speaking, writing, and reading in German.

Small groups with 5-10 participants

It is because our groups are small and homogenous that students taking our German language courses benefit from intensive and efficient learning. The small group sizes enable our students to make the most of the communicative context in the classroom to explore theory and put it into practice.

Each day of tuition contains a grammar period and a conversation session, both of two lesson hours each, with a 15-minute break in between. All of our small groups benefit from our team-teaching approach, which means that your group will have two language trainers per week.

This means that you as a learner benefit from a high level of variation. You won't just be exposed to one speaker; instead you will hear different voices, experience different methods of communication and work with new and different topics and themes.

Mini groups with 3-5 participants

In your afternoon mini-group, you will work together with between three and five fellow learners on a variety of projects and topics. These communicative elements will allow you to deepen your understanding of German and learn more about topics which are interesting to you personally.

Special courses

In addition to our classes in General German, we also offer special courses which focus on specific themes: Business German, literature, phonology, cultural studies and 'What I always wanted to know' are the core topics. These themes are dealt with in group sessions and are timetabled from 09:00-09:45 every weekday.

Leisure and culture programme

When you're learning fast and working hard, you need some downtime as well as the chance to explore and get to know the city. Group activities, such as city tours, museum and gallery visits and trips to sporting events, are as much a part of our programme as our weekly film evening and pub visits.

It's entirely up to you how often you take advantage of the leisure and culture activities we organise. A school teacher accompanies every trip or visit and, apart from entrance charges, the activities are free.